A Beginners Guide to Navigating The Paleo Diet While Living With Fibromyalgia

Whether we like it or not, the health of our society is bad and getting worse. That includes us. Afterall, we have Fibromyalgia.

As technology continues to develop, convenience does as well and ordering food is literally as simple as the clicking of a button. Long gone are the days of having to find your own food, let alone having to drive to a restaurant to get dinner.

Cooking dinner looks less and less appealing when compared to the food conveniences and choices amongst diners, catering services, fast food, and takeout.

Fibromyalgia cases are on the rise due to poor lifestyle choices, such as too much unhealthy food and stress. Most of our unhealthy choices have been made unwittingly. “Globesity,” a term coined by the World Health Organization to describe the worldwide obesity epidemic, is another problem as well. These numbers continue to rise, as do the associated health problems and diseases.

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